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This most popular service will meet the needs of the couples who want to plan and undertake all the details of their wedding day themselves, but would like an experienced coordinator to see that all their hard work goes off without a hitch!  After familiarizing myself with all of your plans we’ll work together to tackle the checklists.  On the wedding day, I'll ensure that everything is carried out smoothly and discreetly handle any issues that may arise

(not that there’d be any!). 

This package is ideal for couples who have some of their to-do list already checked off and would like someone to come in, tie up the loose ends, and carry out the rest...

...it’s also great for those couples who are burnt out, tired of the planning process but would still like to keep a light hand on some of the “funner” things.

This package is perfect for the couple desiring a professional to oversee every aspect of their big day -- the planning, styling and coordinating.   After discussing your theme, colors and visions for the design, Mollard Weddings will handle all of the fine details from there, creating an overall, cohesive look, the way you envisioned it -- so you can sit back, relax and be a guest at your own wedding!


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