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Mr + Mrs Davis.

1 April 2017

Tiara and I go way back!!!

We met through my best friend and childhood neighbor, and her cousin.

One thing's for certain and everyone will agree with me when I say, 💎"Tiara is the BLING Queen!"💎 She has one of the brightest most enjoyable personalities and is an absolute delight and joy to be around.

So, I knew as soon as she asked me to coordinate the decorating of her wedding that it was going to be a blast -- from her wedding dress, to flowers and jewels -- it was going to be "go big or go home."

For her "spring bling" affair, she set her visions on metallic rose gold, blush and you guessed it, some bling.

Luckily for her, my sister Elise had just married the spring before and her colors were blush and gold....So, Tiara and Jesse were able to borrow nearly all their wedding reception décor from her! Jackpot!

We adorned the tables of the church's reception hall with white table cloths and sheer organza blush overlays. Sprinkled them with gold, blush and diamond-y-clear "dazzlers" to elegantly bring in that sparkle factor. Finally we finished with blush and cream silk flowers varieties.

The head table's backdrop was, again, borrowed white sheers with white twinkling lights shining through and ribbons of blush florals cascading down parallel to each other.

My mother-in-law, an incredible seamstress, had recently finished sewing rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses for another wedding a few months prior and had yards and yards leftover. Tiara was able to snatch that all up at quite a hefty discount where we then upcycled it into tablecloths for both her and Jesse's head table as well as their cake table.

Another DIY project was the backdrop for the cake table. We needed to cover a large TV screen that was on the wall behind where the cake was to be set upon and served. Plastic tablecloths from our local party store were purchased -- 2 each of gold, blush, and white. Lying the tablecloths out flat and unfolded, stacked one on top of the other, they were then cut into 2-3" strips leaving 6" uncut at the top end. Once all strip cuts were made, knots were tied at the top to keep the tablecloths all together and for the colors to all show through like a long tasseled backdrop. It concealed that TV screen perfectly!


Thanks again Tiara and Jesse for letting me part of your AHH-mazing day and letting me surprise you with the wedding reception of your dreams! 😘

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