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Hi!  I'm Hannah Mollard and my obsession with weddings began way before I was even old enough to think about dating, let alone a wedding.  But, I'd say it's never too early to start planning for your big day!  For as long as I can remember, I was that girl buying a bridal magazine - while her mom grocery shopped - so I could take it home and save my favorite clippings.  I have a vivid memory of 'gifting' our neighbor (a cake baker) a clipping from my Little Mermaid  coloring book, so she could one day replicate Ariel and Prince Eric's wedding cake for me - without Sebastian as the cake topper though!

Fast forward to 2007 - my wedding dreams all became reality.  My wedding was the first wedding I planned, but little did I know, it wouldn't be my last.  Shortly after my husband and I were married, the wedding coordinator at our church asked if I'd consider covering an upcoming wedding for her. . . I was so excited and up for the task!

The rest is history!  I was asked to come on as a second wedding coordinator for the church - doing a dozen (+) weddings a year - and I loved every minute of it!

After planning a handful of weddings outside the church, for some close family and friends, it was suggested (often) that I start my own business.   


And so, I did!

Mollard Weddings officially launched in 2018!

When I'm not in wedding planning mode, I'm home schooling my 3 precious blonde-haired, blue-eyed kiddos or tending to laundry and the next meal. 

I love a good book, Suwannee's Thai Cuisine and binge watching documentary serieses with my hubby.  And, of course, researching fresh, new wedding trends to share with all of you! 


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